Nintendogs - Download ROMs

Nintendogs is a real-time pet simulation game in the spiriti of tamagotchie, only much better.There are many variations including Dachshund & Friends, Lab & Friends, and Chihuahua & Friends, Best Friends, and then later as Dalmatian & Friends.

Nintendogs utilizes the DS's touchscreen as well as the built-in microphone. The touch screen allows the player to pet a dog, as well as to use various items that can be found or purchased. These range from toys such as balls and frisbees, to grooming supplies to keep the dogs healthy and happy. The microphone can be used to call the player's dog by speaking the name given to the dog in the beginning of the game. The player can also use the microphone to teach the dog basic commands such as "sit" or "roll over". Players can take their dogs on walks to the park. Players can use the DS's wireless linkup to interact with other palyers. The dogs grow hungrier or dirtier based on the elapsed time. They also grow older.

You can download all the versions of Nintendogs Nintendo DS ROMs from this site.